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Working in consulting, you work to address your clients' most pressing problems


As a Consultant within a health consultancy, you will bring your passion for improving the health outcomes of Australians to bear when working with your team to analyse, design and develop solutions for your clients' most pressing problems. You are a strategic thinker and have an innate understanding of what is required to improve service delivery and organisational efficiency. Moreover, you thrive on challenging the status quo, are comfortable with ambiguity and disrupting your surrounds, and are always looking to broaden and deepen your knowledge.


Your skills

You will need to have the following skills to be successful in consulting:

  • Superior communication and interpersonal skills that allow you to communicate complex ideas clearly to a wide range of stakeholders

  • A structured approach to problem solving

  • Excellent time management

  • Meticulous attention to detail

  • An appreciation for the importance of change management

  • Familiarity with project delivery methodologies

  • Strong qualitative and quantitative analysis skills

  • An ability to operate effectively within small teams

  • A willingness to lead and motivate others

  • An executive presence

  • Naturally curiosity and motivation


Your responsibilities

Your ultimate goal as a Consultant is to work with your team to deliver high quality deliverables within the agreed timeframe and scope of work.

More specifically, your responsibilities can be broken down as follows:

  • Delivery - you will work with others to deliver your stream of work in a consultative, risk-aware and diligent manner

  • Stakeholder management - you will effectively manage client expectations and be able to navigate competing stakeholder priorities

  • Relationship building - you will have an inherent ability to form meaningful relationships with others

  • Functional and industry knowledge - you will have a drive to continuously build knowledge of your chosen area of expertise and industry

  • Engagement management - you will work as required with your team and clients to plan your scope of work and manage variations appropriately


Indicative salaries

As a Consultant, you can expect to start on a salary of up to AUD$60,000.

As you progress, you can expect to earn AUD$70,000 in subsequent years up to $90,000 as a Senior Consultant. If you move into a management position, you can expect your salary to be between AUD$110,000 and AUD$180,000 or more.

You should note that salaries at all levels vary based on the size and location of the agency.

Note, this salary information is intended as a guide only.


Patterns of work

Your work week will depend on the project you are working on and the point in the delivery cycle in which you find yourself. Some weeks will have a “normal” 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday cadence, however others will not.


What to expect

Life as a consultant offers unparalleled opportunities to make an impact on your clients. Being a Consultant is simultaneously challenging and rewarding. You will work in a team to help your clients solve their most complex and critical problems.

If you’re looking to join a health consultancy from industry, it’s key that you’re able to demonstrate a deep understanding of a relevant knowledge base. This will allow you to develop core consulting skills while leveraging your background.


Your qualifications

Your most important qualification as a Consultant is your experience. When considering a role in a health consultancy, the most well-regarded applicants are those with prior consulting experience working with hospitals and other health care providers and/or policy and program evaluation experience within the health sector. Alternatively, you may have a clinical or research background as well as relevant industry experience.

As a Consultant, you will have at least an undergraduate degree. Many people working within health consultancies also hold postgraduate qualifications, for example a Master of Public Health (MPH).


Professional development

The training you receive will depend on the consultancy you work for. Regardless, the majority of training you will receive is done on the job. Some larger consulting firms may have structured training schemes in place. You may be encouraged to study towards a qualification and your employer may offer financial support, provide study leave, or both.



Working as a Consultant within a health consultancy, you will have exposure to a range of clients but all will have a common goal of improving the health outcomes of Australians. Your clients could include state and federal health departments, public and private hospitals, universities and not-for-profit groups, and health care providers in all manner of forms.